Police Investigate House With Reported Stench And No One Expected This


If you thought you had bad neighbors, think again. A late-night party is nothing compared to what neighbors in a small Madagascar village had to put up with. It started with a strange smell coming from what everyone thought was a vacant house. They all tried their best to ignore the smell but they knew something was wrong.

Eventually, the neighbors banded together to call in the professionals. No one knew what to expect but what was inside the house still came as a huge shock.

The Smell Was So Bad It Took A While To Even Figure Out Where It Was Coming From

At first, the residents in the neighborhood couldn’t put a finger on where the smell was coming from. The smell was so strong that it felt like it was suffocating the entire area. Nobody wanted to point fingers either, so the issue just kept getting worse and worse.

house in madagascar

Finally, the neighborhood came together and discovered the smell was coming from a seemingly abandoned house. Now, they decided they could do something about it.


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