Can Running Really Makes Your Knees Better?


If you’ve always avoided running for fear it could damage your joints, then a new study may just have eliminated that excuse… In fact, it looks like long-distance running may actually be good for your knees – at least according to the results of new research by Thomas Jefferson University in the US.
This surprising discovery came about after the team conducted a large review of data from 31 countries, covering nearly 700 people over almost 20 years, which looked at the rates of arthritis and joint pain experienced by marathon runners, compared to the general population.
The research – which is published in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery –found that the prevalence of arthritis was significantly lower for long-distance runners: just under 9% compared to nearly 18% for non-joggers.
This seems to contradict what scientists have long assumed: that running exerts pressure on the joints, causing damage to the hips and knees.

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