The untold truth of Lebron James’ wife

LeBron James’ wife, Savannah James, is a constant fixture in her husband’s life. As a matter of fact, she has been by his side since their teenage years when they attended rival Ohio schools. As LeBron continues to dominate as a professional basketball player, Savannah is one of the few people who has played an integral part in his success.
She’s more than just the wife of a likely future Hall of Fame athlete, though. She has her hands full as a mother of three, while still finding time to chase her own dreams. Savannah has branched out to try her hand at various business sectors, including a brief stint in the smoothie industry, according to Miami Herald, and a co-venture with a healthy sports drink for kids. She has traveled the world and has called many U.S. cities home to accommodate her husband’s basketball career, but don’t let her glitzy lifestyle fool you. Behind the multi-million dollar homes and Ferraris, there’s an Ohio native who continues to remain humble and never hesitates to extend a helping hand through charitable efforts.
Curious to know more about the King’s queen? Here’s the untold truth of LeBron James’ wife.
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